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Interactive Kiosk & iPad Display Cleaning Guide

By Aila Staff

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Patient Kiosk – Why Your Practice Needs It

Patient kiosks make check-in faster, easier, and seamless. Patient check-in kiosks offer clinics, practices, and patient service centers a better way to serve their patients and streamline their practice operations.  In this article, we’ll cover…

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Latest Job Opening: Product Design Engineer

Product Design Engineer Aila is redefining digital capabilities in retail stores, healthcare, and beyond through a platform of high-performance enterprise devices built around Apple products, such as iPhone and iPad, and our pioneering computer vision…

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The Self-Service Kiosk Playbook

Self-service kiosks provide a better way to meet customer demands Today’s self-service kiosks are used at every step of the customer journey. From the point of entry (check-in, returns, registration), to the point of sale…

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Meet the New Interactive Kiosk for the 4th Generation iPad Pro

At a glance: Resiliency mode on the Interactive Kiosk enables reverse powering, letting your iPad provide power to the Interactive Kiosk for up to five hours 3.5mm audio port on the Interactive Kiosk for supporting…

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Improving patient experience and outcomes with a self-service digital front door

The digital front door is often your patients’ first impression, first point of contact, and first resource for getting the service they need. In a post-COVID world, the digital front door is also a vital…

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Android, iOS or Windows: Which Platform to Choose for Self-Service Kiosks

Android, iOS or Windows: Which OS is best for Self-Service Kiosks As more businesses look to self-service kiosks to drive productivity and sales while maintaining the need for social distancing,  today’s readily available consumer tablets…

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