August 2019

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Meet the New Interactive Kiosk for iPad Pro

Aila’s Interactive Kiosk, redesigned for the latest 12.9-inch iPad Pro, provides even more opportunity for innovation with two new USB-C ports and increased power output. We've also reduced the bezels and streamlined the mechanical components…

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Self-Service Kiosk Best Practices: Placement and Visibility

Interactive kiosks provide a low barrier-to-entry and high ROI way to engage customers in key areas of your business. Now ubiquitous across retail, grocery, and hospitality, self-service kiosks are used for things like payments, check-in,…

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The 10-Second Trip to the Deli:  How Supermarkets Are Slicing Lines with Deli Kiosks

The future of grocery stores is the future of all retail—streamlined, convenient, and infused with digital. Grocery has, until recently, been seen as a late adopter of new technologies.  Driven by digital natives like Instacart…

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3 Ways Automating Patient Check-in Is Curing a Painful Patient Experience

Waiting rooms are stressful enough for patients. Filling out lengthy paper forms on a clipboard coupled with long wait times are only just the start. Both patients and practices want faster and simpler interactions so…

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