Aila Updates TrueScan 1.8.0 for Smarter, Faster Scanning

By Aila Staff

August 2, 2018

Accompanying the release of the Mobile Imager for iPod touch 6, Aila is rolling out a TrueScan technology update to enable even faster scanning right out of the box. The update includes major improvements to our intelligent focus algorithms, resulting in enhanced scanning accuracy and responsiveness. The release also includes updates to TrueScan’s learning algorithm, which enables the device to continually optimize performance over time.

This software update contributes to the improved user experience of Aila’s new Mobile Imager for iPod touch 6. Released in July 2018, the Mobile Imager not only outperforms other iOS-based handheld scanners at approximately half their size and weight, but it also boasts the sleekest, lightest, most ergonomic form factor.  Learn more about Aila’s TrueScan technology here

And see it in action:


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