Are You Using the Right Loyalty Program Hardware?

By Alex Goodwin

November 9, 2016

Your loyalty program software is only as good as your hardware.

Loyal customers are vital for retailers, and rewards programs like coupons and perks programs can help solidify a strong base of devoted shoppers. Services like Belly Cards, and Perk Loyalty use iOS-based systems, the gold standard for interactive and intuitive perks programs that are easy for customers to navigate, but using even the best software system with the wrong hardware can ruin your carefully-crafted customer experience.

First of all, if your loyalty program only exists online and without a physical kiosk, you’re missing potential participants and losing the interest of the ones you have. A hardware device mounted in the store, positioned near entryways and other strategic points throughout the store, is an engaging advertisement of your program. You’ll catch the eye of new participants and remind the existing ones to check in and receive exciting deals. If you’re only running your program via email marketing and without a physical kiosk in your store, your loyalty program runs the risk of becoming just another deleted email.

Kiosk hardware should include a scanner that is reliable and easy to use, to avoid customer frustration, and which reads a variety of scanning symbologies. Excellent scanning technology also allows you to include printed coupons as well, catching a larger share of participants to include those who don’t use app-based programs or may have lost their plastic card.

The right hardware can pull double-duty, too, so your greeting kiosk becomes a point of interest to a wide range of customers for a variety of reasons, giving them more opportunities to deepen their involvement with your brand. The ability to add a printer for printing coupons or to use the scanner as a price checker turns your loyalty program kiosk into a hub of activity for shoppers.

Finally, don’t forget the power of good design. Loyalty program kiosks should be sleek, free from fussy cables and wires, and attractive to shoppers. Also, a well-designed device built specifically for your iPad will showcase the bright screens to their full advantage.

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