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Have Website, Want an iOS Kiosk? Meet Kiosk Pro

By Aila Staff

March 9, 2018

One of the biggest challenges with bringing digital experiences into your store is developing a custom solution that reflects your brand and your objectives and then delivering that onto your iOS device. Well, it just so happens that if you have an e-commerce platform, there may be an easy solution for you in the form of Kiosk Pro.

kiosk pro

 Meet Kiosk Pro

Kiosk Pro has been developing software for iOS since 2010. They developed the first kiosk app for iOS, and they continue to add features and functionality (like Aila’s TrueScan™ technology) to their platform in order to offer a great in-aisle experience. And just like Aila’s Interactive Kiosk, Kiosk Pro also supports both the iPad (2017) and iPad Pro.

Kiosk Pro is a specialized web browser designed to enable you, the retailer, to deliver your web content via an iPad. However, the solution from Kiosk Pro also enables controls that let you choose which sites your users can navigate to, so that your kiosk delivers a cultivated experience, just as you intend it to.

Kiosk Pro supports HTML webpages, video, audio files, and PDFs. There is a very simple settings menu, which has links to their knowledge base along the way in case you need help. In the enterprise package, Kiosk Pro has incorporated Aila’s TrueScan SDK to enable scanning.

Is it really that easy?


Good news: it is!

The Enterprise version of the Kiosk Pro app, which includes Aila’s scanning functionality, is $99 per device license. The Enterprise package has support for a variety of content, offline access, refresh, display, print, monitoring, as well as a range of API services. You can download it from the app store.

To enable Aila scanning through Kiosk Pro, you’ll need to add some javascript to your site. For resources on that, be sure to check out this article. 

Installation tips

There are a few settings to be aware of on Kiosk Pro that will help make sure everything works as expected.

  • Java API Setting: Access JavaScript API should be set to By Import (Available Offline & Online)
  • Generate the kiosk_functions.js’ for the version of the app you are using, open the app’s settings menu > JavaScript API > Generate API Functions File. Host ‘kiosk_functions.js’ on your own server if your content will be online.
  • Volume: Make sure that the volume to the headphone jack is at the maximum possible level

To see it in action, plug your iPad into your Aila Interactive Kiosk and point your Kiosk Pro Enterprise at this test site:


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