How to Make the In-Store Experience Digital for Shoppers

By Alex Goodwin

July 28, 2016

Staying relevant in an increasingly ecommerce retail world can be daunting, but bricks-and-mortar retailers are using iPad-based kiosks and sleek, iPod-based mobile scanners to merge digital and physical in their stores, creating a smoother clicks-to-bricks transition for shoppers who expect and demand true omnichannel experiences.

Clothing retailers can create imaginative and innovative bricks-and-mortar shopping experiences with devices that make in-store shopping digital:

  • Smart fitting rooms: It’s no surprise the sales are abandoned in fitting rooms, but smart fitting rooms remove the discomfort and hassle of trying on clothes by allowing shoppers to find better sizes and colors, check out similar or complementary styles and call for assistance, all without leaving the fitting room.
  • Cart transfer: Customers do product research online, often adding wish list or interesting items to their online cart before visiting a physical store to purchase them. An iPad kiosk, either at greeting points or in the aisles, allows customers to access their online cart and then easily find those product in the store, so sales (and the opportunity to upsell) aren’t lost.
  • Product and inventory info: Basic scanning might not sound high-tech, but a good kiosk allows customers to scan any item, barcode or symbology and instantly offers them complete product information, inventory numbers and locations and suggests complementary items, seizing an important a clienteling opportunity regardless of the availability of a sales associate.
  • Ship to store: The ability to buy online, pick-up in store (BOPIS) is attractive to customers, and stores can make the pick-up process smooth and seamless with an iPad kiosk that helps customers locate their items to be collected and allows sales associates to verify payment.
  • Gift registries: Sleek, lightweight mobile devices in the hands of the shopper allow gift registry participants to enjoy the process without the unwieldy bulk of traditional scanners. Plus, these iPod-based scanning devices can offer a deeper level of product information, so they get exactly the gifts they need on their registry.

For grocery retailers, try adding kiosks at greeting points and throughout the store:

  • Deli ordering: Grocers can slash lines and increase deli orders with a deli counter kiosk. Shoppers love the easy and comfort of ordering from a kiosk, as the deli counter can often be an intimidating experience to shoppers, and grocery retailers can increase deli sales when deli customers see shorter physical lines. Kiosks are also effective at the bakery for designing cakes or placing customer orders.
  • Wine selection: Shoppers are easily frustrated by an overwhelming wine selection, but an information kiosk can walk them through finding the right wine for their tastes and/or occasion, or can provide information about wines with a quick label scan.
  • Item locator: At greeting points or throughout the store, consider adding a kiosk that directs shoppers to the items on their list. This is a great way to encourage loyalty programs and couponing as well, as digital or physical coupons can be scanned at the kiosk to provide product information as well as its exact location in the store, plus offers the opportunity to upsell or suggest complementary items.

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