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Case Study: Aldo

By Aila Staff

April 5, 2017

Infusing technology into bricks-and-mortar operations is helping retailers create more engaging, omnichannel customer experiences. With Aila’s Interactive Kiosk, Aldo is bringing endless aisle capabilities into the high-end footwear and accessories retailer’s physical locations. 

Grégoire Baret, Aldo’s senior director of omnichannel experience, noted the substantial role that interactive technology can have in enhancing both the sales associate’s capabilities and the customer’s shopping experience. “The in-store digital experience has been conceived as a complementary tool to facilitate product discovery and contextualize full fashion looks, ultimately offering a more meaningful service. Technology should never compete or replace the human aspect, we, in turn, let it empower our sales associates and help them strengthen their relationships with the customer—it has to become part of their sales ritual to be successful.”


A more engaging experience

Aldo has been intent on delivering a more engaging in-store experience, delivering interactive features and capabilities that utilize advanced research and data about customer shopping patterns.

With a sleek design and form factor that complements a refined brand aesthetic, Aila Interactive Kiosks houses 9.7-inch iPads that are integrated throughout Aldo locations in collaboration with Kinetic Commerce. The iOS tablets feature proprietary TrueScan software and custom front-end software that enables customers to check inventory, request sizes to try on, discover new and unique product features, and connect to social media. Shoppers can do more than browse—they can interact and engage with products in new and exciting ways.

Aila IK at ALDO.jpg

Superior scanning and imaging functionality

In addition to their customizable, low-profile design, Aila Technologies’ Interactive Kiosks enable advanced functionality in Aldo stores because of their superior scanning capabilities. The Kiosks utilize patent-pending TrueScan™ technology, allowing fast, accurate reading of 1D/2D barcodes in any lighting environment.

This is particularly useful in the footwear industry, where barcodes are often placed inside footbeds, on the soles of shoes, and in other locations that are hard to access with traditional scanning technology. In addition—and key to the role out of a retail location that infuses web-based features into its displays—the Interactive Kiosk is Wi-Fi transparent, ensuring maximum wireless connectivity regardless of placement.

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