Installation: LabCorp

By Aila Staff

May 11, 2018

LabCorp is a leading medical testing company that counts nearly 115 million patient interactions every year at its facilities across the US, processing more than 2.5 million specimens every week.


LabCorp implemented a self-registration system to better manage its high volume of patient check-ins across thousands of locations. LabCorp chose Aila Technologies’ iPad-based Interactive Kiosk as the hardware platform on which to run its “LabCorp | Express” check-in experience. With powerful scanning and an intuitive touchscreen interface, Aila’s Interactive Kiosk lets LabCorp customers register and check-in for appointments by quickly and securely scanning or manually inputting identification and insurance cards.


This workflow helps LabCorp avoid costly errors associated with manual data entry, while also providing a more efficient user workflow. LabCorp Express check-in with Aila’s Interactive Kiosk is also in use at select Walgreens locations.  

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