Case Studies / Elegant Design Meets Robust Functionality for Pacific Sunwear

Elegant Design Meets Robust Functionality for Pacific Sunwear

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Elegant Design Meets Robust Functionality for Pacific Sunwear

A hip brand with a customer demographic to match, Pacific Sunwear (PacSun) needed a clienteling tool that integrated with their in-store atmosphere yet provided security and function to boot. Mobile devices are the ideal solution, especially for a brand whose customers are young like PacSun’s, but keeping tablets safe and charged between uses can be challenging in a busy store.

The company was an early adopter of iOS technology in-store and among the first to deploy tablets in their retail outlets on a large scale. When they did, they knew they’d need the industry’s leading docking stations to house the iPads, so they turned to Aila.

Aila’s table mounted docking kiosk has been deployed nationally in PacSun stores along with their national deployment of iPads with excellent results. Besides a locking and docking system that is second-to-none for functionality and ease of use, Aila’s designs are sleek and appealing, a true extension of the brand’s hip, modern style and an attractive addition to their stores.

Aila’s kiosks allow sales associates to seamlessly transition iPads from docked to unlocked and ready for clienteling in seconds. Plus, the kiosks have an integrated charger, so the tablets are always charged and ready for use. Sales associates use the tablets as clienteling tools to find additional inventory, alternative or complementary product suggestions, or to locate an item in another size or color. When the associate has clinched the sale and is back at the cash wrap, the iPads docks again in a snap, secure and ready for the next customer.

The kiosks are powerfully secure, but it was their high profile, elegant design that impressed PacSun. For a retailer catering to the young and hip, image is everything. The table-mounted kiosk, like all of Aila’s designs, are simple, functional and sleek. The integrate seamlessly with PacSun’s store design and help build the brand’s progressive image.

Aila’s delivered a tablet docking solution for PacSun that delivers elegant design and robust functionality: now that’s hip.

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