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A Smart Fitting Room

A Smart Fitting Room

Vulnerable Customers at a Critical Sales Cycle Step

The fitting room is a pivotal part of the sales cycle at traditional retail stores, and clinching a sale depends on delivering a high-touch and satisfying fitting room experience. A recent study found that 84 percent of customers had difficulty finding assistance while in a fitting room, and if a customer is forced to re-dress to find a garment in a new size or color, there is a 75 percent chance he or she will leave. Clothing retailers are relying on a sales journey that leaves potential customers vulnerable at its most pivotal step.

To combat this issue and support its mission of excellence, a leading upscale department store looked to intelligent technology to enhance their fitting room experience above and beyond that of their competitors while simultaneously addressing the classic customer fitting room dilemma of needing a different size or color of garment while sitting alone and, most likely, half-clothed in a fitting room.

A Customer-Controlled Fitting Room Experience

In five of the retailer’s 43 stores nationwide, Aila’s Interactive Kiosk featuring inventory software from Mobispoke gives customers something that is historically unprecedented in clothing retail: control of their fitting room experience. For this retailer, the Interactive Kiosk houses customized iPads in fitting rooms that read a garment’s barcode with Aila’s powerful omni-directional scanner and instantaneously provide customers with color and size options, store locations where the garment is in stock, and reviews and ratings from others who have purchased it.

Aila’s 1D/2D scanners deliver exceptional scanning quality and are compatible with a wide range of software. These scanners help iPads using a software solution like Mobispoke search the retailer’s entire inventory of items, providing relevant suggestions for complementary garments to complete an outfit or similar pieces that the customer might like to try. Plus, if a customer still needs assistance from a sales associate, help is only a screen tap away.

Customers aren’t the only ones gaining control of the fitting room experience. By installing these devices, the retailer can give each customer that steps into their fitting room a deeper level of attention to guide them through the sales cycle with a solution that is incredibly cost-effective. By installing this system, the retailer could also gain:

  • Data on styles tried on but not purchased
  • Fitting room traffic pattern data
  • A more efficient sales associate team that is aware of customer locations and needs at all times

The retailer can gather invaluable information about customer habits and preferences and a more focused and effective sales staff which can give a larger number of customers the high-touch service that converts to purchases.

A Market Differentiator that Resonates with Shoppers

The Interactive Kiosk supports the delivery of key differentiators for the customer like convenience and experience customization, which mimic the online shopping experience that has threatened physical retail establishments. An interactive fitting room experience combines the advantages of in-person clothes shopping, like being sure a garment’s color and fit are flattering, with the power of clever tech and inventory data applications.

Aila’s solution eclipses similar products thanks to unmatched wifi transparency and device security features. Regardless of placement within the building, Aila’s hardware allows constant connectivity so customers are never frustrated with spotty device performance. The hardware is also equipped with a barrel lock and steel plate, so devices can be safely installed in fitting rooms and used unattended without the supervision of sales representatives while avoiding device theft.

The retailer is continuing to pilot this innovative fitting room experience and the results have been exciting so far. They report beating their high-profile competitors in using unsold inventory from physical stores to fill online orders (rather than sell it on clearance) and in offering store pickup for orders placed online.

A Savvy Solution for Browse-to-Purchase Conversions

Aila’s Interactive Kiosk system with Mobispoke software is the answer to browse-to-purchase conversions for retail clients.

It features TrueScanTM high-definition barcode technology for unparalleled ease-of-use and configurability. Its sleek design, retail ready construction, and flexible mounting options enable a seamless fit in any environment. Aila delivers:

  • Superior Imaging: Omni-directional 1D/2D scanning with configurable and upgradable software
  • Integrated Power: Over ethernet support for PoE+
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi transparent and designed to maximize signal transmission
  • Security: Barrel lock and steel faceplate prevent theft
  • Accessibility: Manage power state and switch apps without opening the dock
  • Customization: Select colors, graphics, and mounts to fit your brand


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