Case Studies / Faster Inventory, More Productive Associates, with Aila’s Mobile Solution

Faster Inventory, More Productive Associates, with Aila’s Mobile Solution

Faster Inventory, More Productive Associates, with Aila’s Mobile Solution

With shoppers increasingly buying online and through apps, as well as in physical stores, keeping track of omni-channel inventory data has proven a pressing challenge for retailers. Providing completely accurate data in real time to shoppers about the availability, number and location of items is critical for sales associates to make the sale, yet many retailers are still relying on error-ridden manual processes and checklists.

A shopper looking for additional inventory is tantalizingly close to a sale; he/she simply needs another color, size or a few more of the same item. If the sales associate’s inventory list is inaccurate, a shopper may be driving across town to purchase an item at a sister store that is not in stock. The ability to provide on-the-spot and accurate inventory information clinches the sale and gives customers a positive customer service interaction with staff.

Plus, associates working the floor or retail stores are charged with more than simply assisting customers. Inventory tasks are a key part of sales associates’ duties, but staff should still be able to assist the customer in need at a moment’s notice. Associates need tools that allow them to transition smoothly and instantly between roles.

Speed and Accuracy with Mobile Inventory Devices

Mobile inventory devices address brands’ expanding and changing inventory needs. These devices are equipped with wifi capabilities which means that inventory data is updated in real time and instantly saved, so there is less risk of losing recorded data.

Mobile solutions save time, a valuable commodity for brands looking for smart ways to use their staff and resources. Unlike traditional inventory processes, inventory information is entered seamlessly into the mobile device without the stops and starts of collecting data in the field and pausing periodically to log data in a stationary device. Staff can record the data once in a single device with the press of a button and feel confident that it is logged and saved.

Recording inventory manually is fraught with opportunities for human error, but mobile devices scan barcodes loaded with complete inventory information, instantly. Data is collected on the spot and precisely, diminishing the opportunity for human error and creating a cleaner inventory record which is essential to keeping omni-channel inventory information accurate for shoppers, no matter how or where they’re accessing it.

Plus, mobile devices for inventory allow sales associates to multitask, switching roles from performing inventory to clienteling in seconds. With one sleek, handheld device, staff become more versatile and more effective.

Aila’s Sleek Design and Market-Leading Imaging

Retail leaders who want cutting-edge mobile inventory devices are turning to Aila. Their Mobile Imager boasts the absolute best scanning capabilities in the industry, featuring TrueScan™ technology that grabs barcode and other identifying images clearly with one shot.

Large retailers like Target have found that equipping their sales associates with mobile devices makes them more versatile, productive and agile. In one tool, they can provide a powerful amount of product data when and where the customer needs it, while also using the same tool to perform inventory and related tasks.

The Mobile Imager is compact and pocketable, adding almost no additional bulk to the iPhone it frames. Because it’s designed for universally popular Apple devices, most users are completely comfortable with the software interface, meaning a negligible learning curve for using the device.

“Retailers want mobile devices because they create a more agile sales associate staff, and Aila’s solution offers the sleekest design and the best imaging on the market. They truly are the next generation of mobile inventory devices,” Brad Fick, President of nationwide technology solutions provider Direct Source.

Aila delivers:

  • Superior Imaging: Omni-directional 1D/2D scanning with configurable and upgradable software
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi transparent and designed to maximize signal transmission
  • Accessibility: Manage power state and switch apps without opening the dock
  • Customization: Select colors, graphics, and mounts to fit your brand

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