Case Studies / The Power to Clinch the Sale, Instantly

The Power to Clinch the Sale, Instantly

The Power to Clinch the Sale, Instantly

Today’s connected consumers expect instant access to detailed product and pricing information but, in physical stores, much of the retail industry is still using simple mobile barcode scanning devices that do little to enhance the customer’s in-store experience or empower sales associates with sale-clinching information.

Aila’s Mobile Imager supports instant access to product information the customer wants, allowing them to turn product questions or concerns into sales opportunities on the spot. With powerful imaging capabilities and a sleek, functional design, Aila’s Mobile Imager helps provide the detailed insider information customers expect each sales associate to have, meaning they’re more likely to convert to sales and become repeat buyers.

According to a Harris Interactive report, customers report that customer service staff fails to answer their questions 50% of the time, but 90% would return to a store where they were helped by a knowledgeable sales associate. By empowering sales staff with Aila’s Mobile Imager which supports flawless product scanning and instant inventory connectivity, retailers are addressing a deep customer pain point.

Knowledgeable Sales Associates = Happier Customers

Customer frustration leaves money on the table but an empowered sales staff is the solution. When helped by a knowledgeable associate, more than 93% of customers are more likely to buy, and 85% are likely to buy more.

Let’s say a customer is looking for six curtain panels and she only finds three on the shelf. She needs the panels immediately and doesn’t want to compromise the deal she’s found on price, style or size.

A sales associate armed with Mobile Imager can scan the curtain’s barcode and instantly find the three additional curtain panels in the stock room or available at neighboring stores. Mobile Imager’s omni-directional 1D/2D scanning with full images is easily integrated into the retailer’s software to integrate features like similar product suggestions that show the customer other curtains that might be a better solution.

Instead of leaving the store in frustration, the customer buys the curtains she wants and has been provided further helpful information by the sales associate, plus complimentary item suggestions help the sales associate upsell with additions like curtain tiebacks or window sheers to match. Most importantly, the customer is converted from irritated to impressed with the brand’s savvy staff and smart tech.

A More Productive, More Versatile Team

Mobile Imager works with iOS devices to support a variety of inventory tasks and checklist tools that expand sales associates’ reach and roles when they’re not directly serving customers. Staff, even seasonal, new or temporary hires, gain a deep understanding of products and can become a more effective team member with a software-enhanced Mobile Imager in hand.

Inventory is more streamlined with Mobile Imager’s sleek, functional design and omni-directional scanning, meaning associates can complete it more accurately and quicker. Its industry-leading pocketability make it a perfect tool for checklist and other task software to keep employees engaged and on-task, especially during the busy holiday shopping season when inexperienced employees may struggle.

Unparalleled imaging capabilities combined with software that expands employees’ product information gives each employee on your floor the power to answer customer questions like a pro.

A Smart Solution for an Empowered Sales Staff

Aila’s Mobile Imager uses gives sales associates the power to secure the sale by giving customers relevant, detailed product information instantaneously.

It features TrueScan™ high-definition barcode technology for unparalleled ease-of-use and configurability. Its sleek, lightweight design and retail-ready construction enable a seamless fit in any environment. Aila delivers:

  • Superior Imaging: Omni-directional 1D/2D scanning with full images and software configurability
  • Battery Free Devices: Powered by the audio port and uses the Lightning cable for charging
  • Sleek Design: Thin form factor delivers market-leading pocketability
  • Hardware tailored for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus: Add scanning and durability to Apple’s premier handheld 



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