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5 rules for finding handheld mobile devices associates will love

Daniel Petta, Deckers’ senior retail operations director for Europe, was quoted in a recent Diginomica article as saying,

“If (a mobile device) doesn’t work well, associates just put it on the shelf.”

Petta’s astute remark springs from wisdom gained through searching for the right point-of-sale solution for Deckers’ bricks and mortar stores.

As other retailers continue to push for sales associates to become digital, they must first heed this lesson from Petta, and pinpoint the technology that is useful, functional and easy for associates to adopt in their daily workflows. Here are five rules for finding the handheld mobile devices your sales associates will actually use, and love.

  1. Empower associates with familiar tech: Associates want to feel confident and knowledgeable when engaging with customers, so it’s important to choose a handheld mobile that is comfortable for them to use. iOS-based devices offer a familiar interface that will put sales associates at their ease, and of course Apple’s available apps are robust and reliable.

  2. Find a future-proofed scanner: If you haven’t noticed, retail scanning has evolved way past the barcode and QR code. As new symbologies develop, a purpose-built price scanner is obsolete almost as soon as it’s purchased. But devices built for smart phones and other handheld mobile devices, like the iPod, use the native camera for scanning that can then adapt and interpret any symbology with new apps. Associates always have the best scanning device available, and your supply chain can innovate as new symbologies emerge.

  3. Vibration alerts are a must: A busy sales associate needs a device that alerts them to customers or colleagues in need of assistance instantly. The right handheld mobile device offers vibration alerts to get associates’ attention as well as haptic feedback while in use for a seamless experience, even on a loud sales floor.

  4. Don’t settle for clunky: If your handheld mobile device is too heavy, hard to maneuver, or won’t reliably scan, sales associates are going to ditch it. Choose a device that offers true one-handed and omnidirectional scanning in a light, thin form factor, so associates’ (and customers’!) scanning experiences are frustration-free.

  5. Remember that a good handheld is more than a price scanner: A digitally-connected associate needs up-to-date product and inventory information fast, so a good handheld is really a multi-purpose clienteling tool with a powerful, discreet scanner. When you arm your associates with a device that gives them the next level of information and product visibility, they’re ready to deliver with next level sales.

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