News / Aila Releases Mobile Imager for iPhone SE at NRF 2017

Aila Releases Mobile Imager for iPhone SE at NRF 2017

Aila Releases Mobile Imager for iPhone SE at NRF 2017


Aila Redefines Retail Mobile Hardware with Proprietary Scanning Technology for Apple Devices

New York, NY - January 15, 2017 - Aila Technologies announced today the release of its revolutionary Mobile Imager for iPhone SE, the first Mobile Imager to offer cellular-enabled functionality alongside the company’s signature TrueScan™ image-based scanning. With the Mobile Imager for iPhone SE, retailers and grocers can have symbology-agnostic mobile scanning technology and a form factor that is half the size and weight of the competition, without the need for a Wi-Fi®  connection.

Aila’s TrueScan technology delivers image-based scanning without the bulk of traditional scanners, plus an ultra-life battery which gives associates literally 1000s of scans before needing to recharge. The addition of a vibrating motor delivers haptic feedback which associates love for inventory and clienteling in a loud, busy store or warehouse. All this in a lightweight form factor that’s half the size of traditional scanners.

The new Mobile Imager will be on display this week at NRF’S Big Show in New York, at Aila Technologies Booth #1236. Partner booths throughout the conference are displaying the power and versatility of Aila’s devices. With Digimarc (Booth 4402), Aila is scanning imperceptible barcodes; with Tulip Retail (Booth 4346), Aila is powering mobile platforms for sales associates; and with Alert Tech (Booth 3477), Aila is creating smart fitting rooms.

The Mobile Imager for iPhone SE is the latest in Aila’s suite of handheld devices which empower sales associates and improve and modernize the customer experience. Aila’s Mobile Imager allows associates to scan and find inventory information, similar product suggestions, product location and more - and the sleek, intuitive design allows it all to be done with true one-handed scanning.

Aila’s platform of devices also includes the Interactive Kiosk, a favorite solution among top retail and grocery brands for creating smart fitting rooms, deli ordering kiosks, price checking terminals and POS stations. Both the Interactive Kiosk and the Mobile Imager feature Aila’s pioneering TrueScan image-based technology.

With the addition of the Mobile Imager for iPhone SE, Aila offers greater flexibility for a variety of industry use cases, including in retail warehouses for inventory and logistics tasks which call for sophisticated scanning technology without a Wi-Fi connection.

“Our Mobile Imager has already proved itself a powerful tool for clienteling in retail and grocery stores, so we’re excited to expand our line to include solutions for industries like transportation and shipping,” says Jason Gulbinas, CEO of Aila Technologies. “With the addition of the Mobile Imager for iPhone SE, we’re delivering a quicker, more reliable one-handed scanning device to industries that rely on split-second scanning transactions. It’s a game changer for any company that needs its scanners to scan an image or barcode with immediate accuracy.”

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