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Elevating CX Through the Interactive Fitting Room

American Eagle brings digital touchpoints into the fitting room, elevating the brick-and-mortar retail experience while empowering associates to better serve shoppers.

Bringing Digital Insights and Optimization In-Store

American Eagle is a premium apparel brand that has over 1,000 brick-and-mortar locations around the world. With a consumer base largely comprising tech-savvy Gen Z shoppers, delivering a seamless experience across both online and physical stores is critical to the brand’s success. However, traditional brick-and-mortar retail doesn’t deliver a 360-degree view of in-store shopping behavior. This presents a challenge to understanding friction points in the shopper journey and knowing where to prioritize innovation to improve the customer experience.

Boosting Customer Engagement

  • 10x increase in engagement with the technology when Aila's Interactive Kiosk replaced a non-scanning enclosure in an earlier version of the pilot

An Integrated Solution

By partnering with Aila Technologies, we’ve been able to provide an enhanced fitting room experience, while empowering our store associates to better serve and connect with our customers. Dave Repp, Chief Technology Officer, AEO

Using Proven, Scalable Technologies to Solve Complex Challenges

Aila's iOS-based platform brings digital in-store, seamlessly

The American Eagle innovation team built an Interactive Fitting Room around Aila's iPad-based Interactive Kiosk, which comes equipped with proprietary TrueScan technology. This intuitive experience enables shoppers to easily scan items they’ve brought into the fitting room to see additional sizes and styles in stock, browse recommended items, request new items, add items to an online cart, or call an associate for help—all without leaving the stall. This solution also enables associates, who are equipped with mobile devices that get pinged when shoppers make requests from within the fitting room, to better attend to customer needs.

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