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Consumer Mobile Devices in the Enterprise

Why smartphones and tablets are launching a new era for enterprise technologies.

Spurring Innovation in the Enterprise

The architecture of enterprise technology is entering a new era. Driven by the need for better data collection, faster innovation cycles, and smarter digital-physical integration, enterprises are increasingly turning to solutions that are built upon consumer mobile devices, and for a very good reason. Through a combination of versatility, usability, affordability, and supportability, along with a rich developer ecosystem, modern smartphones and tablets offer the features and functions that can enable a wide array of high-value enterprise use cases. More broadly, these consumer-oriented technologies are unlocking new opportunities for rapid innovation, bringing digital efficiencies and capabilities into the physical environment.

3 out of 4 employees say their employer doesn’t give them access to the latest technology to do their job efficiently

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The competitive, versatile nature of the consumer device industry has paved the way for a new generation of technology solutions that enable rapid innovation and agile deployment.

The Rise of Consumer Mobile Devices


Enterprise technology stacks have traditionally featured an array of disparate, specialized point solutions. These purpose-built tools have proven to be extremely effective at addressing specific enterprise needs. However, consumer demands now require increasingly seamless experiences across web, mobile and brick-and-mortar channels. Integrating disparate hardware and software components with each other and across channels can be complex. By building upon consumer mobile devices, enterprises are able to achieve the technological agility required by this era of rapid transformation.

Here are five reasons why consumer tablets and smartphones are increasingly being used as the foundation of next-gen enterprise technologies:

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