Case Study

Creating Seamless
Patient Registration

Global healthcare diagnostics company builds a faster, more secure patient check-in experience on Aila’s Interactive Kiosk.

The Challenge

While using state-of-the-art technology in many areas of its operations, the company’s patient registration system still relied on manual data entry. Upon arrival at a testing facility, customers would be asked to fill out paper forms on a clipboard, and then hand over identification and insurance cards to a receptionist or associate who would enter that information by hand into the company’s system. This archaic but all-too-common registration process was time-consuming, labor-intensive and error-prone. Even worse, its inefficiency was identified by an internal review team as hurting the company’s bottom line. In order to improve the patient experience, reduce clerical errors, and free up staff to focus on higher-level tasks, they sought a technology-based patient registration solution.

Vital Industry Stats

  • Healthcare Kiosks decreased paperwork times by 60%
  • Self Service Tech increased front office productivity by up to 20%
  • Self Service Tech saves 6-12 minutes of staff time per visit

Products Used

The new kiosk system is easy to use and a big improvement. It helps speed things along. - Stan C., Henderson, NV

The Solution

Cutting-Edge Customer Touchpoints + Powerful Scanning Technology

This customer-facing touchpoint is equipped to scan ID and insurance information cards directly into the company’s database using the Interactive Kiosk’s integrated scanner, which utilizes Aila’s powerful TrueScan scanning technology. Unlike traditional barcode scanners, Aila’s TrueScan technology can support optical character recognition, which was implemented in conjunction with third-party solutions provider Acuant to read and verify ID and insurance cards. This enhanced functionality ensures that sensitive personal, medical, and financial information can be scanned and verified securely, and then encrypted for direct processing.

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