Case Study

From Online-Only to
In-Store Innovation

How fashion industry disruptor Rent the Runway uses Aila's Interactive KioskTM to create seamless in-store experiences.

The Challenge

What happens when a digitally native brand goes brick-and-mortar? Rent the Runway's business model is built on continuously cycling through a high volume of inventory—based on an entirely digital ordering process. As the company began opening physical locations, the leadership team understood they needed to adopt in-store technology solutions that would be both seamless and personal; they needed their customers' online experiences and their brick-and-mortar transactions to coordinate perfectly.

Aila was the only solution that we found that could meet our needs – it lets our customers and associates quickly and efficiently scan the tiny labels on our products to ensure all of their interactions meet our brand standards. Aila’s scanning speed and accuracy is far beyond anything else we have seen. - Hampton Catlin, VP of Engineering, Rent the Runway

The Solution

Quick Returns; Sleek, Stylish Technology.

"Aila has given us the capacity to manage 4x the customer interactions," said Catlin.

By deploying Aila's scanning-enabled Interactive KiosksTM, Rent the Runway minimized rote interaction with sales associates and enhanced customer efficiency, allowing subscribers to quickly pick up and drop off orders and make exchanges. The Kiosks' sleek, stylish enclosures and mounts also effortlessly supported the brand's elegant, upscale feel and store design.

See how Rent the Runway’s in-store experience was named a Top Global Innovation by Retail Insider with the help of Aila

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