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Since 2010, Aila has helped top companies drive enterprise automation with our best-in-class self-service technology and image-based scanning solutions. Major brands across industries are enabling faster and more convenient customer interactions while reducing burdens on frontline staff.

Aila is the leading provider of enterprise automation for retail, healthcare, QSR, travel and more.

What We Do

Built for the modern enterprise, Aila's vision-based scanning software and customer-facing hardware add lightning-fast and ultra-intuitive scanning capabilities to iOS systems— replacing bulky and expensive legacy scanning systems —and bringing future-proof digital experiences to any physical environment.

We offer:

- Effortless Scanning: Vision-based scanning that works seamlessly with front-end iOS apps

- Enterprise Performance: Unbeatable scanning speed, accuracy, modularity, and portability

- Endless Flexibility: Scalable platform capabilities without the cost or bulk of legacy systems

Aila's vision-based scanning software and customer-facing hardware is the key to unlocking a new world of engaging experiences with our Interactive Kiosk and SoftScan.

Our Story

Aila was founded in 2010, shortly after the release of the first iPad. Cofounders Jason Gulbinas and Matt Kowalczyk recognized that these powerful mobile devices were a significant upgrade to traditional retail technologies, so they began designing products to optimize them for the retail environment.

Since then, Aila has scaled into a predominant technology provider to world-class enterprises with a full range of customer-facing hardware, enterprise services, and cutting-edge computer vision and barcoding solutions for clients in retail, grocery, healthcare, logistics, and beyond.

With established partnerships with some of the largest and most innovative companies in the world, we are helping global enterprises transform how they use technology to elevate experiences and streamline operations.

Contact us to learn how Aila's solution ecosystem of products, technologies, and services can help you deliver seamless, 360-degree experiences that drive measurable results for your business.


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