Self-Service Kiosk Solutions

Reopen your brick and mortar locations with modern self-service experiences that will help you adapt in response to the circumstances created by the pandemic and keep up with ever-changing consumer demands.

aila's interactive kiosk and softscan

Quickly enable safe and convenient self-service workflows for both customer and associate-facing experiences across every location.
Aila’s Interactive Kiosk offers:

Enterprise-Ready Hardware

Modern and durable hardware built for large-scale deployments that offers endless configurations with payments, printers, and power management.

Computer Vision

Unmatched image-based scanning that quickly captures 1D/2D/QR codes, IDs and more. Easily integrates into your iOS-app with our SDK.

Peace of Mind

Effective & safe self-service experiences that are easy to deploy with added layers of protection like antimicrobial screen technology and more.

Customer & Patient-Facing
Self-Service Solutions

Patient & Visitor Check-in

Provide a fast, secure, and seamless visitor registration or patient intake process. Supports touchless check-in.

Self-Service Price Checking & Product Discovery

Go beyond basic price checking to provide rich product information, recommendations, and more.

Order Pickup

Reduce lines, wait times, and minimize physical contact with self-service ordering and order pickup.

Checkout with Cashless Payments

Make self-service checkout safer and more convenient for your customers while boosting your bottom line.

Smart Fitting Room

Empower shoppers to browse and request products from inside the fitting room.

More ways to keep customers and employees safe

Equip your Interactive Kiosk with additional features for an extra layer of protection.

Antimicrobial screen protection

Temperature sensing

Long distance scanning

Touchless experiences

Employee-Facing Self-Service Solutions

Access Management

Roll out a flexible and secure iOS-based platform for managing access to your buildings.

Assisted Checkout

Bust lines with mobile checkout or cart transfers.


Help your associates provide sale-clinching information at the point of decision, anywhere in the store.

Inventory Searching

Track and manage inventory in real-time with lightning-fast barcode scanning.

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