Getting Started with Your Interactive Kiosk

September 27, 2018

Welcome to the Aila Interactive Kiosk setup guide. Your Interactive Kiosk works with Apple iPad devices to enable a range of scanning functionalities.

Interactive Kiosk Setup Video

Setting up your iPad

To set up your iPad for first-time use, refer to the Apple iPad Setup Guide. 


Assembling your Interactive Kiosk

The Interactive Kiosk ships fully assembled. To install your iPad into the Interactive Kiosk, follow these steps:



Remove the Interactive Kiosk from the box. Attached to the unit, you will find a plastic bag containing kiosk keys and a key fob.





On the backside of the unit, insert the kiosk key into the barrel lock and twist to unlock the front panel.






Remove the face plate from the kiosk by pulling the left side of the plate first, and then unhooking the right side. 




Return the kiosk key to the locked position and remove the key from the backside of the kiosk.




Connect the USB end of a Lightning cable inside the kiosk.

Note: Lightning cables may not be included in the Interactive Kiosk assembly kit. 





Secure the cable behind fastening points (1) and (2). If there is extra cable length, tuck it into the center of the kiosk (3).






Connect the 3.5mm audio cable to the iPad’s audio jack.





Connect the lightning cable to the bottom of your iPad. Tilt the kiosk back, then place the iPad in the kiosk.




Reattach the front panel by inserting the right side of the panel behind the kiosk’s clips.




Snap the left side of the front panel into place.
Note: the front panel will not snap into place unless the barrel lock on the back of the unit is in the locked position.




To turn on the iPad, press the power button by inserting the wide end of the key fob into the slot on the lower right side of the kiosk.




To access the home button, insert the narrow end of the key fob into the slot on left side of the faceplate.



Plug your
USB cable into a power block. The scanner should turn on and a red dot will appear. 

Note: The 9.7-inch iPad does not come with a power block; the 12.9-inch iPad does.





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